Customer Testimonials
Hi Mary, Well our girl arrived safe and cute as ever! When we picked her up, the manager said that he couldn't release her because she was over the cute scale in New Mexico!
She's resting now and has eaten a little been drinking but hasn't yet pottied, but I'll try her when she wakes up.
Thanks again, she's just precious
We finally got to give big Hugs to our newest family member "Bing"
He is wonderful. Thank you and Frank for allowing us to add this little guy to our home.
Linda from Connecticut
This sweet baby girl is now in her new home,
Vicky is her new mommy, they have taken many real cute photos of her and sent them to me, This one will be a little spoiled, she is quite the little model, as you can see
Vicky from Lake Charles, La
This is the Marks baby, they are spoiling her just a little, they have named her "Tori"
She didn't want to stand still for a picture but they still got one, nice little girl
Talauna Marks
Pine Bluff, arkansas
Sorry its taken so long to answer you,been so busy! Daisy is doing great.At the Vet's today she got rave reviews from the Dr.and all his staff. She weights 2.2 and is 100% healthy. Daisy is so sweet and loving;they were all very impressed!!
She sleeps all night in her crate,using puppy paper most of the time,and eating well. I think she is smart, TOO--she comes whenwe call her and already knows "no" She is playful and loves her toys, especially the one that squeak! I guess we have to admit that we are spoiling her, but that's why we got a baby dog--to love and spoil!  She is definitely a cuddler! We are so happy to have her. Thanks for raising her to be so healthy and so sweet.  We''ll send updayes again soon.
Teresa Story
Jemeana and Zoie
This little "Cody" is giving all the love any puppy could have, to his new friend Zoie
Getting spoiled and what a nice little male Bichon, the family had to wait until after Christmas to meet him, but they say it was worth the wait, they all love him
Judy Gibson
Hi Mary and Frank
The new baby is settling in nicely...asleep right now right next to my daughter on the couch!!! Her new name is Chloe..chosen by the girls... and she is doing just great, all but just a wee bit tired!
Thank you so much for this little darling... Happy Easter
Cyndee Jones
Cyndee and daughter picked up there new baby girl, and this is there second Bichon they have gotten from us, so this tiny one will have a big sister to play with, she is so tiny, and so cute
picked up the new puppy for his girlfriend
she will be so spoiled and have a long and happy life.
Kari Krntochvil
They live in California
The beautiful kids just love there new puppy
This little one lives in Pine Pluff Ark.
They are spoiling her for sure

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Butler Family in Texas
This famiy just received there second bichon baby from us, Lttle Babie will have a big sister and great playmate
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Adam Maizel
His fury little buddies
Our little Bichon the tiny one, just left us today
A new family member little Bichon, puts a big smile on everyone's face
They love each other
The Ali family just got there new puppy today, happy faces, they have named him Bentley, very sweet little Bichon
The  VanHoozer Family
The VanHoozer Family
My how fast the time passas, our little girl will be 2 soon''Mercedes has been the best thing in our house. She adds so much joy and love. She is so smart and loving.  We are wanting to get her a sister real soon"" You have done a fantastic job raising such fine quality of dogs, everyone is so impressed with how beautiful and well mannered she is.
Merry Christmas""
Melissa Hutsell Family and Mercedes
The Cotton Family

This little female is already got the pottie training down, letting her mommy know when she needs to go out side--
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